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Sauna: Rules and Regulations

Only healthy people, or after consultation with a physician can use the sauna.

  1. Take the flip-flops and two towels (one to sit on and the other to dry oneself up)

  2. Before entering the sauna one should take off all metal items (necklaces, earrings)

  3. Before bathing, one should wash entire body in the shower with soap and warm water and then wipe oneself dry.

  4. One can sit and lie on the benches only after putting a towel under the body so that the sweat does not soak into the benches.

  5. One bathing cycle lasts about 25 minutes: 8-12 minutes of staying in hot room, then 8-12 minutes of gradual cooling off using water. In the second and third cycle, time of staying in the hot room should not last longer than 10 minutes.

  6. It is best to start the bath sitting on the lowest bench because the temperature is lower there; later, gradually move to higher benches.

  7. Bathing in the sauna always ends in cooling the body with water - the use of soap is inadvisable.

  8. One should rest about 20-30 minutes after the bath. Also, one should drink mineral water or juices in moderate amounts (0.5-1 L).

  9. During and after the bath, it is inadvisable to tire (taking exercises etc).

  10. For pouring stones with water, one should only use a ladle; its content guarantees proper humidity in the cabin and safety for the body and the furnace.

  11. In case of feeling unwell, one should leave the cabin immediately.



Do not use the sauna without consulting the physician, especially if one suffers from the following conditions:

  • purulent skin diseases, with ulcers;

  • epilepsy and psychotic episodes;

  • acute febrile states, bleeding tendency;

  • chronic affliction (tuberculosis, neoplastic disease, kidney or liver disease, anaemia);

  • acute and chronic infectious diseases (also: carrier-state);

  • endocrine disorders such as hyperactivity of the thyroid gland, mucoid edema and adrenocortical insufficiency;

  • cardiovascular diseases, including stable and unstable coronary disease, conditions after myocardial infarction, states after haemorrhages, generalized atherosclerosis, obstructive diseases of blood vessels and thrombophlebitis, glaucoma.