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  1. Kartuska Pływalnia Neczk” is a sports and recreation facility operated by Kartuskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Sp. z o.o.


  2. The facility is open daily between 5:45-22:30, according to the fixed schedule.

  3. In the pool shall remain a maximum number of 40 individuals (a maximum of 7 individuals per lane) in one swimming cycle.

  4. People allowed to use the swimming pool:

    a) in groups: people learning to swim under the supervision of swimming instructor

    b) individually: people that can swim

  5. All individuals intoxicated, with visible medical issues that can cause threat of drowning or that might be dangerous to other users of the pool will not be allowed into the swimming area

  6. Children aged less than 7 shall stay at the premises and use the swimming pool and water playground under adult supervision only.

  7. Classes in the pool take place according to the fixed schedule, in groups that are obliged to have a minimum of one supervisor per each 20 attendants. The supervisor is responsible for the key watches: the group supervisor collects key watches for the whole group and returns them after the class.

  8. All attendants of the classes enter the swimming area simultaneously. Instructor is obliged to check number of attendants before and after classes.

  9. Instructor is obliged to arrive 10 minutes before classes and enter the swimming area with the group. The group without instructor cannot enter the swimming area.

  10. People that are late for classes will not be allowed in.

  11. Instructors and group guardians are allowed to enter swimming area only in trucksuit and barefoot or in appropriate footwear.

  12. In the swimming area, one should keep order, cleanliness, peace, silence and absolute obedience to the decisions of the instructors and the lifeguard.

  13. After classes, groups using the swimming pool should place swimming and rescue equipment in designated places (gates, boards, tracks, lifebuoys, etc.). Guardians of the group are responsible for the settlement of the equipment and ensuring that the order and peace are kept in the swimming pool's rooms.

  14. Groups and people using swimming pool are allowed to use locker room 10 minutes before classes. After classes, the locker room should be left immediately.

  15. For people who do not participate in group activities, staying on the premises of this facility is allowed only on agreed days and hours and in the place indicated by the guardian in agreement with the lifeguard.

  16. Entrance to the swimming pool may be allowed upon presentation of the entry card, ticket, or during the competition - participation card; or other document authorizing the entrance.

  17. The group classes and swimming of individual users of the pool may be held upon the presence of lifeguards only.

  18. The instructor is responsible for the safety of attendants during classes in the swimming pool, and the group's guardian is responsible for safety and common behavior in the swimming pool rooms. The lifeguard is responsible for the safety of individuals using the swimming pool.

  19. All injuries and recognised dangers should be immediately reported to the lifeguard.

  20. People using the swimming pool are strictly obliged to respect the instructions of lifeguards.

  21. It is mandatory to use flops and swimming suits.

  22. While swimming, it is mandatory to use swimming caps.

  23. Prior to entering the swimming area all individuals are obligated to take a shower.

  24. The users of the swimming pool must not cause situations threatening the safety of people staying there, in particular:

    a) entering the water without permission

    b) running around the pool

    c) jumping from the pool edge, the starting platform onto the water playground's modules

    d) swimming under the water playground

    e) entering the audience place in swimsuit

    f) smoking, drinking alcohol or eating in the area surrounding the pool

    g) being loud

    h) bringing and using breathing apparatus, life buoys or other inflatables

    i ) bringing animals

  25. During the competition, the organizer is obliged to comply with the regulations and is responsible for ensuring the safety of the swimmers.

  26. At the signal indicating the end of the class, the trainees should leave the basin immediately.

  27. Group members or people who have permission to use the pool can not give up their rights to other people.

  28. The management of the swimming pool can control all classes, and if any violations are found - prohibit further use of the swimming pool.

  29. The management of the swimming pool is not responsible for valuables left in the cloak room or locker room, and not given to the guardian of the group for deposit.

  30. People violating public order or the provisions of these Regulations shall be removed from the swimming pool area, regardless of the eventual referral of the case to the violations proceedings. People removed from the swimming pool area are not entitled to a refund of the ticket fee.

  31. People destroying swimming pool equipment or devices bear financial responsibility for damages. In the case of groups, the group leader is responsible for the damage caused.

  32. Lifeguard who is on duty at the swimming pool exercise general supervision over compliance with these regulations. All people staying in the swimming pool are obliged to comply with their orders.

  33. Complaints and requests should be directed to the management of the swimming pool.

  34. The above regulations were approved 5.10.2016 r.