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We invite you to discover the magical, sensual and warm world of fragrances that will make your time in the sauna or steam room even more pleasant.
We offer a wide range of exceptional aromas with a variety of fragrance compositions.
You choose the fragrance and we will prepare it for you for the dry sauna and steam room.

• They contain essential oils: natural or identical to natural
• Liquid form
• Very efficient
• They do not change the smell on the stones after evaporation
• They do not change the smell when influenced by the steam
• They dissolve quickly in water
• They do not leave unsightly slime on the stones
• The fragrances can be mixed according to individual preferences


Fragrance Composition Description Effect
Ceylon Mango fruity, sweet, warm activating, refreshing, pleasantly predisposes
Mauritius Papaya fruity, slightly herbal refreshing, strengthening appetite, tonic
Marokko Maracuja fruity, sweet, slightly floral refreshing, stimulating
Fragrance Composition Description Effect

Orange with Tangerine


sweet with a hint of freshness, orange-tangerine

refreshing, strengthening appetite, reviving


Grapefruit fruity - citrus, fresh, slightly bitter and tart

stimulating, relaxing, refreshing


Lemon from Palermo citrus-fruity, slightly tart refreshing, stimulating, activating
Bourbon- Vanilia warm, sweet, delicate, balsamic, sensual strengthening appetite, activating, pleasantly predisposes
Orange with lemon citrus, slightly tart Refreshing, stimulating, activating
Fragrance Composition Description Effect
Green lime lime-fruity, slightly sweet stimulating, refreshing, improves mood
Green apple apple-fruity, slightly tart refreshing, strengthening appetite, pleasantly predisposes



citrus-fruity, fresh, slightly bitter and tart

refreshing, relaxing, strengthening


Ice lime lime-fruity, slightly sweet, fresh cooling, refreshing, improves mood
Fragrance Composition Description Effect
Eucalyptus with mint fresh, mint, camphor Refreshing, cooling, eases breathing
Chinese Eucalyptus cool, camphor, fresh stimulating, disinfecting, eases expectoration
Pepper mint mint, cool, essential stimulating, refreshing, strengthening concentration
Mint from Alaska cool, fresh, mint, slightly sweet refreshing, eases breathing, cooling
Fragrance Composition Description Effect
Summer Lilac floral, intense, essential nourishing, relaxing, pleasantly predisposes
Indian Rose balsamic, pleasant, sweet, floral calming, harmonizing
Flowers from Montafon herbal-floral, a scent of fresh hay relieving pain, relaxing, calming
Tundra fresh, grassy, slightly floral vitalizing, strengthening, improving blood circulation
Acacia flower floral, warm, balsamic improving humour, refreshing, enlivening
Lavender slightly sweet, floral, herbal harmonizing, strengthening, calming
Fragrance Composition Description Effect
Finnish Birch fresh, green, slighty floral stabilizing, improving mood, soothing
Noble Fir fresh, resinous, essential concentrating, soothing, strengthening
Mountain pine resinous, fresh, slightly tart refreshing, strengthening, improving blood circulation
Fragrance Composition Description Effect
Alpine Herbs herbal-floral, slightly spicy relaxing, improves blood circulation, nourishing
Anisette camphor, aromatic, essential stimulating, strengthening blood circulation
Oriental sweet, balsamic, floral - orange, spicy relaxing, nourishing, pleasantly predisposes
Sandal tree balsamic, sensual, spicy harmonizing, anti-stress, restore balance